Nigun in the press

Quotes taken from the press

“The Live Inem Sargfabrik is a special album, the best Nigun made until now.
In addition, it's beautiful soundwise. More than just two musical worlds meet.”
JazzMa, Balint Bereczki, September 2016.

“… Nigun’s new CD is the best Hungarian concert album of the year for me.”
Riff, Olasz, September 2016.

“ … Parniczky is one of the best guitarists in Hungary, moreover he has a unique character.”
ES, Zoltan Vegso, September 2016.

“Nigun’s music is not the consistent repeat of Balkan scales, but the rediscovery of the spirit of Jewish melodies though music. The concert was a huge success. They even had to play two encore songs, which were from their traditional klezmer repertoire and brought the feel of old Jewish weddings, and the powerful energy of their traditional dances into the house.”
- Anita Kolener/Balint Bereczki JazzMa, 2014

"One will love the new album of Nigun whom are interested in how the old melodies take a new lease on life. Not word- for-word but redefined with an extraordinary, very unique and creative vocabulary.
- Balint Bereczki, August 2013

“The trance flowed off the stage and spread through the audience of Nigun.”
- Tamas Such, Hir6, 2009

"If you did not hear them, you can be sorry.”
- FN Figyelonet Tudosito, 2009

“And then came total calmness. The closing number reflected the concept of the entire concert: vigorous start, incredible solos, abatement, and then back to the basis. I can only congratulate and urge all – whether or not they were present at this one – not to miss the next concert.”
- Antropos Cultural Online Portal, 2006

“The musical material which born from the meeting of two musical worlds makes clear points, yet speaks through a universal language. Parniczky’s melodic developments and improvisations clearly coming from a musician who found his unique voice, which also naturally fits with Peter Bede’s jazz and folk based spontaneous musical communication.”
- Gabor Turi, Gramofon Classical and Jazz, Summer 2014

"Nigun had started their musical program with crossing East European Jewish music and jazz. Nowadays they speak more in the language of contemporary jazz, based on a complex composition thinking of the band leader. This effort is verified with awesome solos.”
- Gabor Turi, Magyar Nemzet 2013. August

“The name of the band means ‘song without words’. Without words, yet poetry… making my soul dance.”
- Csaba Szogi, Magyar Szo, May 2009

“...on every occasion, the music born carries deep values and has international relevance.”
- Zoltan Vegso, Life and Literature, May 2009

“Nigun is not trying to jump on the klezmer jazz bandwagon of recent years, but becoming a marked feature in the field of our improvisational music through the intense use of original material. 5 points out of 5.”
- Peter Szigeti, Gramofon Classical and Jazz, 2004 Summer